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The Israeli Children's Museum Holon

The visit ends, but the experience remains

The visit to the Israeli Children's Museum in Holon is an unforgettable experience, taking children on a fascinating adventure through the world of imagination.

The museum's courses are actually stories with the child taking an active part as one of the characters in the story. In the museum, children are allowed and encouraged to touch the displays, feel them and even be part of the exhibits. The museum offers guided tours for small groups of up to 12 people, guided by guides/actors.

The museum courses are intended for children aged two and a half to eleven, divided into four age groups. Tours are between 75 minutes to two hours long.

Children under or above the defined age will not be permitted to enter the activity.


Dialogue in the Dark

Dialogue in the Dark gives visitors insight into what it’s like to be blind. The guides, who themselves are either visually impaired or completely blind, open visitors’ eyes to their world, and help them understand that they are not “handicapped,” but simply different.

Equipped only with a cane, visitors go through the hall, experiencing the world in complete darkness. At the end of the visit, they gather for a conversation (still held in the dark), with their blind guide. The conversation deals with the matters such as disability, coping, senses and life in general.

The museum, which employs some 30 blind guides, is the largest employer of blind people in Israel. Since 2004, some 400,000 people have experienced this dialogue, and it is far from over. The exhibition is open to groups and families (minimum age is 9).

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