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Cable Car Ride
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Rosh Hanikra

The steepest cable car ride in the world is the main means by which you can approach the mysteries of the grottoes. The ride in each direction takes approximately two minutes. The cable car descends from a height of 70 meters above sea level at a steep angle of 60 degrees. The primordial view of the sea seen from the cable cars during the ride is simply breathtaking! We recommend that you pull out your camera!

The cable car has two carriages – one red and the other yellow.

The cable car operates year-round, except for those 2 – 3 exceptionally stormy and windy days during the year.

The cable car is manufactured at the DoppelmayrFactory in Wolfurt, Austria, under the supervision of the manufacturing company and the Israel Technion Institute in Haifa.


Visiting hours:

Summer weekdays:            09:00-18:00

Winter weekdays:               09:00-16:00

Friday  Holiday Eves:          09:00-16:00

Saturdays and Holidays:     09:00-18:00 

Holiday Eves:                     09:00-12:00


How to reach the site

For those coming by car – travel north on Road 4 to the north-western most point of Israel, which is a 10 minute ride north of Nahariya.

For those coming by train or bus – get off at the Nahariya Station, behind the train and bus stations. On Lohamei HaGettaot Street, there is a taxi stand to Rosh HaNikra and the surrounding area.



The site is partially adapted to allow access to those visitors using wheelchairs. At this time the management is involved in a project that will allow the site to become fully accessible to those among us who are physically handicapped.

Visitors can descend to the grottoes site by way of the cable car even for those in a wheelchair (assistance needed) or enter the site without the cable car through the train tunnel still remaining from the Mandate period (an appointment should be coordinated with the site's office).

Along the walking-paths among the grottoes there are stairs, and at certain points the passage narrows and therefore unsuitable in its entire length for those in a wheelchair.

For parents with babies in wide baby-carriages, there could be difficulties in maneuvering around the grottoes, and therefore it is recommended to also come equipped with a baby carrier. 

It is recommended to tour the site wearing sports shoes or rubber-soled shoes that are not slippery …

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