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biblical theme park
kings palace
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Kings City

Kings City is a biblical theme park. The park is built over a 40,000 square feet area on three levels, the park resembles a kings palace. The palace has four sections:

Journey To The Past
A journey back to the era of Pharaohs in ancient Egypt via a four dimensional display composed of huge panoramic screens that will make you feel as if you were floating above Pharaoh palaces and temples.

Cave Of Illusions And Wisdom
This cave was constructed to celebrate and honor the wisdom of King Solomon, and includes over 70 displays of optical illusions, labyrinths, self tests and many other interactive challenges.

Bible Cave
A fascinating journey deep into the ground and through King Solomons mines, with famous Bible scenes displayed in niches carved into the walls.

King Solomons Waterfalls
A fascinating boat ride following the life story of King Solomon. Sail through 7 different caves, each marking a chapter in the life of King Solomon, and complete the experience as you glide down the falls to the King Solomon lake next to his castle. (For safety reasons, the minimum height is 120 cm.)

Hours and tickets
Sunday to Thursday: Entrance is from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (open until 1:00 a.m.). Friday and Holiday eves: 9:00 to 1 hour before Shabbat. Closed every Friday afternoon to Saturday evening for the Sabbath; exact times vary seasonally. Also check for Holiday hours.

The park can handle 4500 visitors per day.
KING CITY is located at the edge of the promenade, nearby the Eastern Lagoon.
Telephone: 08.6304444

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