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De Karina Chocolate Factory

De Karina Attractions

Chocoholics will love visiting the De Karina Visitors’ Center, located at Ein Zivan in the Golan Heights. The Visitors’ Center offers chocolate workshops for children, for a hands-on chocolate making experience, as well as activities for adults such as interactive group workshops to prepare truffles, desserts and sweets. A tour of the chocolate factory is available to give visitors a glimpse at how chocolates are created, and as a final treat, there is a coffee shop where delectable desserts, intricately prepared by hand, are served. The house chocolatier is Carina Chaplinsky, third generation in a family of chocolatiers, who immigrated from Argentina. De Karina is Kosher and closed on Shabbat. 

De Karina More Details

Address: Ein Zivan

Phone: +(972) 4-6993622


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