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Beit Guvrin Archeological Dig

A rare opportunity which allows you to touch your roots 

Dig for a Day is a unique program designed for visitors of all ages

The Dig for a Day program runs three hours. The activity includes: digging, sifting, pottery examination and touring the National Park of Beit Guvrin with an exciting crawl through unexcavated cave systems. 

Currently, Archaeological Seminars is digging at Tel Maresha, in the area of Beit Guvrin, ancestral home of King Herod. Vast underground labyrinths of man-made rooms are being systematically cleaned and give evidence of underground industrial complexes dating from the Hellenistic period.

Remains of olive oil production, weaving installations, water cisterns and baths confirm a high level of material culture. This site offers a wealth of discoveries and practical experience for those who want to "dig" but have limited time.

Over the last decade, thousands of people have participated in the Dig for a Day program and found it to be a rewarding and fun experience! 

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