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Ticho House

Ticho House, situated in Jerusalems downtown area, is filled with the atmosphere of old Jerusalem, with the art of Israels beloved painter Anna Ticho (1894 1980) and the music of the artists who perform in concert most days of the week. One of the first houses in Jerusalem built outside the Old City walls, the Ticho House is named for Dr. Avraham Ticho and his wife Anna Ticho, the latter of whom bequeathed the house, all of its collections and its library to the people of the city, to serve as a public centre for art. The Ticho House hosts a permanent exhibition of Anna Tichos works mostly Jerusalem landscapes in pencil and charcoal as well as temporary exhibitions showcasing the works of contemporary Israel artists, as well as works from the collection of the Israel Museum. It is also home to the Little Jerusalem restaurant and a beautiful and extensive garden. The Ticho House is operated by the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

Address: Ha Rav Kook 9

Hours: Sun., Mon., Wed., Thurs. 10 am till 5 pm Tues. 10 am till 10 pm Fri. 10 am till 2 pm The restaurant is also open on Saturday nights after Shabbat until 11 pm.

Telephone: 02.6245068

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