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Carmel Market

For those who are mad about markets, this place is heaven.
And for fans of freshness, there could be no better destination perfect parsley, the juiciest melons, the most marvelous mangoes.

Not to mention the meat, the fish, the cheeses, the flowers a true cornucopia of flavors and aromas. Stalls line both sides of the covered market's main walkway, but dont miss the shops in the tiny alleys behind.

Thats where youll find the genuine gems: the cheese and smoked meat delicatessens, the barrels full of herring and other salted fish, all varieties of pickles, halvah and other sweets, even clothing and fabric shops. Your nose will guide you to the bakeries, spice shops and coffee-roasters.

The Carmel Market is a feast for the senses, an anthropological and gastronomic adventure. The market addicts who go there every Friday (if not more frequently) are faced with delightful dilemmas: Freshly squeezed carrot juice, or pomegranate juice? Falafel or Yemenite soup? For visitors who are marketplace aficionados, a captivating two-hour exploration of this truly authentic bazaar will add a memorable dash of spice to their stay in Tel Aviv.

Open every day except Saturday, from 8 a.m. until evening (shops close earlier on Friday afternoons, before Shabbat).

Located between Allenby Street and the seashore.

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