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Home of Donna Gracia

During the years of the Inquisition in Spain, many Jews formally converted to Christianity, yet secretly maintained their Jewish faith, hoping to return to it when the situation improved. Most of these Jews became assimilated into the Spanish mainstream, but some Jews succeeded in escaping and finding new homes where they could return to Judaism and follow their religion.

Donna Gracia was one such Jewess. She was one of the richest women of the Middle Ages. She converted to Christianity under duress, yet once free from Spain she returned to Judaism and settled in Tiberias. Her home has been renovated to tell her story, as well as the story of the Jews who fled Spain during that period. The display also tells the story of what became of them once they reached Israel. Donna Gracia is best remembered for her overwhelming generosity towards her fellow Jews, and her patronage of those who needed her wealth to escape from Spain and start their lives anew.

Location: Center of town
Phone: 04.671.7176

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