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Burial Sites
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Kivrei Tzaddikim Holy Burial Sites

R. Meir Baal Haness
Location : Rt: #90 South next to Tiberias Hot Springs

Kever of Rachel the wife of R. Akiva
Location: Rt #90 South above Tiberias Cemetary
Across Galei Kineret hotel.

Kever Rambam, R. Yochanan Ben Zachai and more
Location: Center of town, Follow the signs

R. Akiva
Location: Upper Tiberias, next to Police Station
(20 minutes from the center of town up the hill)
(Nearby is also the Kever of the Ramchal)

Rabbi Chaim Abulafia Mechber of the Eitz Hachaim
The student of Rav Moshe Galanti, he served as a Rav in Zefat. Location: Old Cemetery

Rabbi Yeshaya Horowitz The Shlah Hakadosh
Location: Yochanan Ben Zachai Street

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