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Ayalon Institute

Next to the Rehovot Science Park, on Kibbutz Hill, stands the Ayalon Institute, which tells one of the fascinating and mysterious stories in the history of the struggle for the establishment of the State of Israel. Here, beneath the ground, and right under the nose of the British, a factory was created for the production of 9mm bullets for the Sten submachine gun, which was the personal weapon of Palmach fighters. The factory lay eight metres below the ground and was the size of a tennis court. The task was assigned to the members of the Scouts A group, who were joined by others, a total of 45 young men and women. The site operated under complete secrecy from 1945 until 1948, a period in which over four million bullets were produced.

What’s at the site:  an audiovisual show, guided tours, a reconstructed dining room, the delegation house, halls and rooms, showers and toilets; a place to hold events, conventions and seminars of up to 400 guests as well as a Eucalyptus grove with picnic  tables and lodging tents.

For the general public: Tour reservation in advance is required. guided tours with emphasis on Zionism, devotion and decision making; an illustrative tour of the factory itself, locating the factory’s secret entrance, which was hidden inside an innocent laundrette, going under the ground, an inspection of the ammunition production machinery, still active today and listening to the stories of this most secret place.

For children:Tour reservation in advance is required. an audiovisual show, a tour of the factory’s secret openings and climbing down to the factory via the spiral staircase, an adventure story with a good ending. For groups – optional “treasure hunt” games after the tour. Suitable for fourth graders and older.

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