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Caliber 3

Established by Col. Sharon Gat (Res) in 2002, Caliber 3 is the leading counter-terror and security academy in Israel.  Caliber 3 sets the standard for counter-terror training and works closely with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), Israeli Police, and government agencies training them to protect strategic targets and civilians. We specializes in the construction and training of rapid response/SWAT teams with an emphasis on inter-agency operability and careful analysis of the security assets, location, and threats faced, in order to provide maximum security.

Caliber 3 focuses on functional combat training in order to enhance the skill level of security professionals. The instructors at Caliber 3 are all soldiers in Special Forces units and continue to serve actively in the IDF reserves, which makes the cutting-edge training at Caliber 3 thoroughly combat-tested in real world scenarios.

The academy is certified by:

·         The Israeli Defense Forces
·         The Israeli Prime Minister's Office
·         The Israeli Ministry of Defense
·         The Israeli Police
·         The Israeli Ministry of Homeland Security
·         The Israeli Ministry of Commerce and Industry
·         The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Caliber 3 works in close cooperation with a variety of forces in the Israeli security establishment to develop and train for potential terror attacks in high-density civilian areas such as schools, kindergartens, shopping centers, and major public institutions. In 2007, the company established its largest and finest training facility to date – the Caliber 3 Academy for Counter-Terror and Security in Efrat, just outside Jerusalem.

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