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Room 1: adult and child


Hotel Cramim

Kibbutz Kiryat Anavim, PO Box 10, Jerusalem, Israel  Show Map
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Hotel Overview

Cramim, the new spa hotel, is situated in the heart of the Judean wine region,
a 15 minute drive from Jerusalem. The hotel is surrounded by a beautifully
scenic, pastoral setting and offers a quality experience of combined leisure,
recreation, fine wines and impeccable tastes. Hotel guests will enjoy an
exquisite chef restaurant, boutique wine bar, a contemporary spa complex
with unique vino-therapy treatments, as well as pampering rooms and suites
that boast a modern interior design.


Hotel Facilities


Reception & Conference Halls

On the entrance level you will find the lobby and reception area - an area with huge glass walls overlooking the beautiful view of the hills, up to the hotel entrance (approximately 40 meters from the parking lot). Guests will stroll along a green path (a wall of greenery), immersing them in the beautiful scenery, with trees specially planted to create an impressive green entrance. The lobby has pleasant seating nooks where you can sink into the chairs, look around, and dream…


Conference Halls
On the entrance level there are two conference halls, covering an overall area of 320m² (can be divided up). The halls are equipped with sophisticated, modern audiovisual equipment and are suitable for small and medium-sized conventions, brainstorming activities, board meetings, and more.


The Spa Complex

Covering an area of 2,000meters, the spa offers 21 modern, beautiful treatment rooms, including 2 double treatment rooms overlooking the view, including a jacuzzi. Alongside the treatment rooms one can relax in the solarium and look out its windows at the breathtaking mountainous view of the entrance to Jerusalem.

The location also offers a fully-equipped gym with the most modern equipment, run by the most professional and experienced personal trainers available. Also available in the area – steam room, saunas, workout studios which can also be used as meeting rooms or rooms for group activities, which will also host private lessons in different sports.

Also in the Spa area – inner bar that will serve guests of the spa and outdoor pool, where guests can enjoy drinks and light meals, so that hotel guests who are enjoying the services of the spa don’t need to leave its pleasant atmosphere when hunger takes over…

On the treatment floor, there is a large waiting room, where guests who are waiting for treatment can enjoy a selection of treats. The waiting room will offer lovely music all day long and a special atmosphere will pervade the location, partly due to the alternating lighting throughout the day.

The menu of treatments will combine physical treatments with facial and beauty treatments, including the unique, well-known ‘Vinotherapi’ treatment famous in the spa world.


Hair Salon and Hotel Store

Located on the Spa floor. The large shop will sell local goods, general goods, wine, gifts in the spirit of the region, spa products and so on. The hair salon will offer additional beauty services to hotel guests at the highest possible standards.


Outdoor Swimming Pool

A uniquely-designed pool, including a stone wall that blends into the local scenery, providing all those enjoying the pool with an especially intimate atmosphere. Close to the outdoor pool is the toddlers’ pool, and in the summer guests will be invited to enjoy a spacious sitting area with many niches that are unique works of art in themselves.


Indoor Swimming Pool

Overall area of 400 meters surrounded by a spacious wooden deck, with a tanning area and shaded relaxation section. The jewel in the crown lies underneath the deck - is an advanced heating system so that even on cooler days guests can enjoy sitting around the pool. The complex also includes two jacuzzis.


Room Amenities

156 magnificent rooms and suites designed by the interior architect Ilan Weisbord and the exterior architect Guy Ikra, who specializes in designing unique hotels worldwide. The line is a combination of advanced, modern, contemporary design, combining the aim of providing guests a sense of ease and ultimate indulgence while relating to and exhibiting respect for the features of the area and its vineyards and wineries.
The rooms and suites are spread throughout the hotel.

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