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Kibbutz Lavi Pesach 2020

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  • When you want a vacation with no worries or compromises regarding kashruth…


If you belong to the religious or the traditional community, at some time you’ve probably run into a problem concerning kashruth or Sabbath observance when planning a vacation. The concerns most likely related to such matters as the level of kashruth and the location – not close enough to a synagogue. At times, a vacation tailored to the religious community in a hotel with satisfactory kashruth, and with no need to compromise regarding Shabbat observance, may have led you to compromise in other areas, such as the standard of the accommodations.

The Kibbutz Lavi Hotel was established in order to offer you a fulfilling experience with no compromises. The hotel is located in Kibbutz Lavi, an area of lush vegetation surrounded by green fields. In Lavi guests and visitors can enjoy the magnificent views of the region of the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights. At our hotel hospitality is our stock-in-trade, and we give special attention to the needs of the religious community. In every aspect of the Hotel and its facilities – including the lobby, the kitchen, the restaurant, the pool – a high level of kashruth and religious observance is strictly maintained.


Pesach 2020

7 Night Package

April 8-16

  Renovated Lev/ Eden / Garden Wing Haddar Wing Hod Wing
Single $3255 $3500 $3580
Double $4070 $4375 $4475
3 Adults $5596 $6015 $6155
2 Adults + Child (2-12) $5085 $5470 $5595
2 Adults + 2 Children (2-12) $6105 $6565 $6715
In 2 rooms 
2 Adults + 2 Children  $8140 $8750 $8955
2 Adults + 3 Children (2-18) $8645 $9300 $9515
2 Adults + 4 Children (2-18) $10175 $10940 $11195
baby (0-2) $70 $70 $70

7 night package includes:

  • Breakfast daily
  • Full Board Shabbat & Chag
  • Half Board on Chol Hamoed




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