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Prima Palace Succot 2019

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From the moment you walk across our Jerusalem-stone courtyard with cascading flowers, you will experience the customs enjoyed for centuries by the Haredi and Orthodox communities. As our forefathers passed down from generation-to-generation many traditions, we at Prima Palace now share them with you.

As you enter the lobby of Prima Palace Hotel Jerusalem our staff will greet you with warmth and hospitality. Once inside, our majestically designed 76-room Jerusalem hotel will dazzle yoClose >u with its royal blues and yellows, set against classic designs, the ornate “negel vassers” (ritual hand washing urns) and gold accents. . Our hotel is also perfectly located a few minutes’ walk from the Old City, Geula and Mea Shearim neighborhoods, yet tucked away from the city clamor.

Prima Palace Hotel Jerusalem offers two charming dining halls; one catering to dairy meals, the other to meat. Our dining service holds the esteemed level of Kashrut: Glatt Le’Mehadrin and Badatz Agudat Israel to provide all of our guests with an exciting dining experience. In the spirit of tradition, our Jerusalem hotel offers an elegant banquet hall to host even large, diverse events. Come on in and enjoy a unique travel experience at our Jerusalem hotel.


Succot Package rates 2019 

Prima Palace 9 Night Package  october 13-22
Room Occomodation 9 night Package rate
Single $2625
Double $3365
Triple (In Deluxe room) $5225
Double + Child $4375
In 2 rooms
2 aduts + 2 children $6100
2 adults + 3 children $6900
2 adults+ 4 children $9710

The above packages include:

Breakfast daily

October 13- Dinner

October 14- Lunch-

October 14- Dinner

October 15- Lunch 

October 18- Dinner

Octoebr 19- Lunch

October 20- Dinner

October 21-  Lunch

October 21-  Dinner

October 22- Lunch






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