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Room 1: adult and child


Kinar 2016 Turetsky Family

We had another spectacular Pesach at the Kinar 2016 with Travel deal.

All of our family members, from my mother to our grandchildren, enjoyed the ambience, including tefillot, lectures and shiurim, day camp, swimming, and meals.

Our grandson, Akiva, said that this was the best week of his life! He particularly loved his birthday cake at the Shabbat seuda, delivered with song by the waiters. 

We can't wait for next Pesach IY"H. 

We also want to thank you specifically for working with us over the past few months with all aspects of our reservations. Please extend our gratitude to Shlomo for his many kindnesses. Please also thank Bat Tzion for her special touch and graciousness. 

The Turetsky family

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