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Room 1: adult and child



Rav Michael Yammer Rav Mechanech. Rav Yammer is a Sha’alvim Hesder alumnus who was appointed as Ra”m of overseas students in 1988. In addition to being an outstanding talmid Chacham who is the Rav of one of the major shules of Ra’anana, Rav Yamer’s sharp mind and keen understanding of people have motivated his students to seek out his advice, even long after their stay at Sha’alvim. Since the opening of Sha’alvim’s seminary, Sha’alvim for Women, in 2004 Rav Yamer has served as the Rav of the seminary. In addition to his position in the girls’ school, Rav Yamer gives a weekly shiur in Machshava, a weekly shiur Halachah, and spends time counseling boys on an individual basis in the yeshiva.

Rav Michael Yammer has been associated with Heritage Seminars for 20 years. He is a Sha’alvim Hesder alumnus who was recently been appointed as S’gan Rosh Yeshiva at Yeshivat Sha’alvim, has served as Rabbi/ Magid Shiur for overseas students in 1988. In addition, Rav Yamer has serves as a Rav at Shaalvim for Women since the opening of the seminary, teaching courses in Jewish Philosophy and Contemporary Halachic Issues. He has lectured throughout Israel and has served as Scholar in Residence in several communities in the USA. Rav Yammer is the authority for Heritage Seminars in all areas of Halachic decision making, and is an integral part of the Heritage Senior Staff.

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