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Terms & Conditions

Hotel Reservations

  1. Your credit card will be charged by Travel Deal, and the hotels will receive a voucher from us covering the services you have booked in advance.
  2. The balance due will be automatically Charged 14-21 working days before arrival. During High and Peak seasons a deposit of 2 nights will be automatically charged upon confirmation of reservations, the balance to be charged 45 days prior.
  3. Once charged, any reservation cancelled will include a 3% transaction fee.
  4. Services may be cancelled up to 7 working days before the start of services.
  5. Cancellations made within 7 working days of check-in are subject to a penalty equal to 1 night's fee.
  6. During High and Peak Season as well as groups, cancellations will be subject to hotel type and policy.
  7. For groups, conferences and other events the payment and cancellation policies will be determined accordingly at the time of booking.
  8. No refunds for unused services
  9. You must contact Travel Deal Israel directly to amend or cancel your reservation. 
  10. Our offices are open local Israel time, Sundays - Thursdays 09:00am until 6:00pm. Fridays 9:00 am until 12:00 noon. Saturdays and Jewish holidays our offices are closed.
  11. High & Peak Season: Holidays, July & August.

Please note:All rates quoted are valid for tourists as defined by Israeli law, entering Israel on a foreign passport and holding a 3 month tourist visa (B2/3/4). Guests who do not produce a valid entry permit (small blue slip received at passport control), will be charged 17% VAT as prescribed by Israeli law.
 All other persons entering Israel including those with dual citizenship will be charged the Israeli Shekel rate (please contact our office for best rates).

Legal Information: Travel Deal Israel does not accept liability for any errors or omissions in the Travel Deal Israel Web Site and reserves the right to change information, specifications and prices of its listed travel services at anytime. However, Travel Deal Israel will do its best to correct any errors as quickly as possible after becoming aware of and being notified of them

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